Leigh Database Development

Custom Microsoft Access Database Programming for Small Business


Steve Holdeman, President, State Line Foundries, Inc., Roscoe, IL

 Steve Leigh developed an Access database program for State Line that covers all facets of order entry, production scheduling, inventory control and shipments.  State Line is a job shop, make to order business.  All information needed to set up and track jobs is included in the database program.  Reports provide vital information used in all the company’s operations.

 State Line had a paper-based system before Steve Leigh began working with us.  In the beginning we simply wanted to duplicate that system and make a few improvements.  We purchased industry-specific job tracking software that never worked.  It didn’t even come close.  Then we found Steve.

 With Steve’s knowledge of manufacturing and his valuable input we were able to go far beyond the basics.  Now we are not just tracking jobs, we are continually making improvements by using quality metrics from the database.  This helps us pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

 A typical exchange with Steve starts with “what if?”  Like a good chess player he thinks five moves ahead.  Steve is adept at understanding the problem from an operational point of view and he can find efficient solutions that work.

 Steve is one of the most reliable and responsive sources we have.  The icing on the cake is he cares about the end result.  Steve has added real value to State Line’s bottom line.


Charles Howell, COO, CareerMD, New York, NY

 Stephan was a fantastic and organized person to work with -- he asked thorough questions to develop a comprehensive understanding of our project; he made intelligent and practical implementation suggestions; he was quick to incorporate user feedback during the testing stages; and he delivered the final product on time and on budget. Altogether a perfect upWork experience and I would be happy to work with him again.


Brad Beckman,  Director Improvement Support at The Vitality Group Inc.

I worked with Steve Leigh for approximately 3-1/2 years while he served as a Site Leader for The Johnson Group.  In addition to his duties as Site leader of the manufacturing operations, Steve also lead various projects for the company and he helped implement Lean Manufacturing methodologies. Steve, had exceptional project management skills and he excelled in developing programs to help our leaders track and utilize data in a way that helped our company significantly reduce cost.

 Steve, always seemed to have the ability to help us solve problems and successfully manage the business by developing successful system solutions. We had a need to improve or Digital operation where we had a very ineffective manual scheduling system causing us to have poor delivery service.

 Steve, was able to come up with a way to develop and implement an automated scheduling system which immediately started to help us improve our service and successfully achieve our service goals. He also helped us develop a project plan along with a systems data tracking program to deliver on a sudden spike in volume generated by a launch we had in marketing communication program designed to address a regulatory guidance issued by the FDIC. Our challenge was to have the company ready to deliver in less than 3 months and start delivering the product over a 4 month period. We were extremely successful in a large part due to the data tracking system Steve was able to develop.


Ed Blanchard,  IT Support Technician, Rockford Toolcraft, Rockford, IL

We hired Steve to redesign an outdated, and broken, excel workbook that we had been using as a “database”, and I have to say we were very impressed!!  We knew we needed to move it to Access, but we didn’t know where to start.  I searched online and just like you probably are now, and I read the reviews Steve had gotten from others and decided to setup an appointment for an on-site consultation. 

 After meeting in person and review of his quote we decided to go forward with Steve as our developer.  We were very impressed by his speed, detailed communication, and his ability to accommodate all of our requests.  He also offered some suggestions along the way and helped us overcome some of the details that we had overlooked.

 When the need arises, I guarantee Steve will be our go to guy again!!


Lydia Mendendez, Guru Customer, Vermont, USA

 “We expanded our project scope with Steve, and he guided us through the options available to us to make the database what we needed. Steve is easy to work with, highly skilled, and quick to deliver.”


Don Collett, eLance Customer

 “Great job, fast work great reccomendations as we go along. My go to guy.....”

“Quick, Knowledgeable and Proactive to suggest the best options and solutions. Will work with on a continuing basis.”

“Good, quick, proactive.....as  always.”


Mark Beaney, guru Customer, United Kingdom

 “I will have a few other small projects on this database if you are interested in quoting as your work and communication so far has been excellent.”


Rob Newbold, eLance Customer, Illinois

 Steve, you've done a great job of keeping us informed with updates.  From what we've seen so far, I have nothing but positive comments.  We are anticipating a great product from your efforts that will make us a great deal more efficient and accurate at capturing customer data.

 “Our company chose Steve to provide a customer database that could be used across our network by various care representatives. We were coming up on a very short time frame to meet an audit requirement and Steve's ability to turn an initial project sample around in less than a week was extremely impressive. We worked with Steve, who showed great patience and understanding of our needs and situation as a small business, to continue to refine the database user experience. Steve provided our company with a delivered product that is easy to use, meets our needs fully and is customizable as we grow. It also works to meet all of the federal requirements we have to record customer contacts for the FDA. I would highly recommend Steve to complete your Access Database project.”


John Winkel, eLance Customer, Indiana

 Excellent work! We would recommend Steve to anyone. Very professional and client orientated. Happy customer here!”


Jason Wojnarowski, eLance Customer, Connecticut

 “Pleasure to work with would recommend and use again!!”


Kristin Miller, Air Partners Corp, eLance Customer, Calgary, Canada

 “Steve has been a great help throughout us trying to create a time card database. His extensive knowledge of Access has helped us implement this easy to use program to employees and has wonderful reporting capabilities. I would highly recommend Steve for any of your Access Database needs.”


Marri Lamoureaux, Oregon Homebuilders Association, Oregon, USA

 “What great service! Steve did a wonderful job for us. We have a very functional database at a great price. Thanks!”


Srini Janaswamy, CGA, CounterPath Corporation, Vancouver, BC, Canada

 “Working with Steve was a pleasure. What stood out was the integrity in his approach to work! He was extremely professional in his communication and the quality of work was great. He was frank in assessment of my requirements, and clearly communicated with me as and when a particular task was not possible to be accommodated. Having had the experience of dealing with people who falsify their skills and abilities and waste others time, Steve's approach stood out in stark contrast. I'd love to rehire him if the need arises. Cheers, Srini ”


Erik Stensland, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado, USA

 “Steve was a delight to work with. This was my first time using eLance and I wasn't sure what to expect. I definitely hired the right guy. He understood what I needed, had great communication and produced exactly the product we wanted. If I have additional database needs, I'll be contacting Steve again!”


Jason Connery, Eye Recommend, Calgary, AB, Canada

“We had a badly built Access database from a previous developer which needed a lot of work. Steve is competent and great to work with. He fully understood and listened to what we needed, provided quick turn-around time even though he had some personal emergencies to deal with on his end. If we decide to rebuild this database - we'll be reaching out to him again. Great trustworthy developer!”


Rob Holder, Bonnie Plants, Whitewater, WI, USA

 Steve takes his responsibility to the customer and the job very seriously and is totally committed to delivering a superior product. He would be my first choice on my next project”


Bill Foutz, eLance Customer, New Mexico

 Very good at doing and understanding the work I needed done. Very Professional.”


Rodney Simonini, eLance Customer, Rhode Island

 Steve did an outstanding job. He was professional, responsive, and delivered exactly as promised.”


Aziz Husein, eLance Customer, Geneva, Switzerland

 “Thoroughly knowledgeable, prompt and courteous consultant. Professional in all respects! Highly recommended for your database jobs! Great Work!!”

Tony Dick, eLance Customer, Freeport, Illinois

 “Steve was very helpful and professional. He continues to impress with the database work he helps us with.”


Mike Ranz, eLance Customer, Rockford, Illinois

 “Steve is very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, very responsive to needs and questions. We are very satisfied with his work, would engage him again on new projects and certainly recommend him to others. He takes a vested interest in the subject matter and makes the project his own. It is like having a developer on site, on staff!”


JW Cooksey, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park Colorado, USA

 “Once again, Steve has been wonderful to work with, and the database he's built for us is working great! We'll continue to work with him on these types of projects. Recommended!! -JW”


Scott Rodgers, eLance Customer, Peoria, IL, USA

 “Steve is an absolute rock star! Steve was not the first person I hired on ELance to build Access databases for me but he is the best. If you are looking for an Access Database guru... look no further. Steve is your man! ”


Aziz Husein, eLance Customer, Geneva, Switzerland

 "While the ratings speak for themselves, I am would like to make particular mention of Steve's incredible talent in database development and his penchant for punctuality and quick responsiveness. His performance was singularly significant!! Highly recommend for those wanting a professionally executed job!!! "


Matthew Lewis, eLance Customer, Illinois, USA

 “Steve is very professional and responsive. The original budget was exceeded, but this was due to "scope creep" on our part. I found him very adept at understanding our needs and making suggestions where appropriate. We had a good experience and would certainly like to work with Steve again if we need further database development in the future.”


Brian Bauer, eLance Customer, Atlanta, GA, USA

 “Steve did a great job. He listened to our requirements, understood what we needed and when we needed it by. Completed Job fast and accurately. ”


Tehout Selameab, Upwork Customer, St. Paul, MN, USA

 "Stephan is a total pro. He's great to work with; the consummate professional.  I feel like he cares about my projects like they were his own. I've been able to serve my clients like 1,000% better with the ability (really his ability) to offer them databases to handle their work. Recommend without reservation. Feel lucky to have him on my team.”

Aziz Husein, Upwork Customer, Geneva, Switzerland

 "Steve is an excellent database developer and it's a pleasure working with him. His communication and responsiveness is unparalleled. He offers great advice and suggestions to make the job result even better than imagined. Steve has delivered on a number of occasions and I recommend him for any work large or small. He is great! "

 Chuck Hutchinson, Austin Pet Memorial, Austin, TX, USA

 "Steve is amazing to work with, we stays in constant contact with you throughout the entire process. He is quick to respond and has a great depth of knowledge, he is always able to come up with a better way through his vision as he coordinates with you. A true partner, we count on him and he always delivers."

 Marci Murphy, Stephen Hamby, Ph.D., P.C., Tucker, GA, USA

 "Steve has been an amazing person to deal with. He took a pure concept and turned it into a working product that is better than we could have ever imagined. Any delays in this project progression and its completion were purely on our end and should not reflect negatively on Steve's performance. He is the consummate professional. We will continue to use his services in the future and highly recommend him for any future projects. He will not disappoint you."

 Caitlin Custer, ECS Publishing, Fenton, MO, USA

 "Steve was really great to work with. We started with a phone call to make sure we were a good fit, and then emailed daily throughout this Access redesign. He got test files to me regularly and made changes quickly. He always checked in to make sure everything was functioning as desired. I've been using the finished product for a couple weeks and it has sped up my workflow significantly, and is a nicer UI to interact with. My only piece of advice to future clients is that you make sure your proposal is 100% complete when you send it to him, because he will get started right away.”

 Alejandro Villalobos, TaxiCab Products, Bronx, NY, USA


"Mr. Leigh demonstrated his skills and great quality of is work. Always available to help and on time. Communications skills are great. Friendly and very easy to work with. Always willing to cooperate and advice when he felt needed. I will definitely hire Mr. Leigh for my next project.”

 Julie Wilkinson, Evercore Partners, Houston, TX, USA

" Steve was such a pleasure to work with. Not only did he work very quickly and efficiently, he proposed some great ideas which he incorporated into the final product. Should I ever need assistance with a project again, he would most certainly be the person that I would use.” 

Roy Jordan Ramsey, Family Farm Collective, Mount Vernon, TX, USA

 " Steve has valuable experience and a professional manner; I would highly recommend him and hope I will have the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

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